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Inventory Menu Items

API Key and Store id that can be used in staging environment.

Store_id: 5c5981496bcf7500013afeb0

API Key: rna4etAXd11XRqbMTcNnWca216daxiFE

Getting inventory menu item list of a store.


curl -X GET -H "apikey: generated-api-key" \ 


?inventoryLoginToken=2c8e602e1f9940b189fb902ece5fc124 => [Inventory login token id]
?linkingStatus= true => [Linked items are listed]
?linkingStatus= false => [Unlinked items are listed]
?page=1 => [paging no]
?search=true => [null]
?status=true => [active menu items list]
?status=false => [inactive menu items list]